We are always on the lookout for those individuals that share our passion for changing lives. Here are the current opportunities at CodeTahoe. Send us a little information about yourself and a link to your github repository.

Curriculum Engineer

Your mission, as Curriculum Engineer, will be to build engaging content that teaches students skills that will empower them to have real-world outcomes, such as creating a portfolio, starting an app, or getting a developer job.

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Teaching is the true manifestation of knowledge. Not all great programmers are great teachers. We are looking for those experienced developers with patience and passion. Code Tahoe Instructors will be responsible for changing lives through education. Instructors will run classes, aid in the creation of curriculum, and build class projects. Instructors will also be involved in the assessment of students skill levels with regards to post graduation placement.

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Teaching Assistant

So you want to be an instructor but just are not there yet in experience, we think you should join the team as a teaching assistant. The TA is a hands of position where you will be coding with the class. You can expect to be pair programming, leading group projects, and doing code reviews. You do not have to be an expert but your fundamentals have to be SOLID ;).

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Guest Instructor

If you love seeing the lights go on in students' eyes, but don't have time be an instructor, we'd love to open the door for you to be guest instructor. Guest instructors bring value to students by providing additional perspectives and experiences on course topics. We have time for guest instructor during the day (immersive) or in the evenings/weekends (after hours).

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Learning to code is only part of our process. To be truly successful requires the continual guidance from experienced individuals in the community. If you would like to be apart of changing a life, consider mentoring a student at CodeTahoe.

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