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  • What is Code Tahoe?
    • Code Tahoe is a code academy focused on web application development using the most progressive and up to date technologies. We teach individuals with no prior coding experience the skills it takes to be a web developer as well as what it takes to build a product and keep it running.
  • What does it take to sign up / get accepted?
    • Each course is a little different and may have different requirements. That being said, most of these requirements are easily met and rarely have anything to do with prior education.
    • There may be pre-requisites required for acceptance, however, if you can demonstrate to our instructors your competency and willingness to learn, this can usually be waved.
  • Do I have to live locally?
    • No. You just have to be present in class for the duration of the course
  • Do I need my own computer?
    • Yes. At the current time we require that you have your own laptop and must bring it with you to every class. Mac or Windows is totally fine.
  • I have little to no experience...can I still attend?
    • Absolutely. Most of the courses assume that you can turn on a computer and find your way to a web browser and load up Facebook - If you can do that, you can jump into most of our courses.
  • What happens when the course is complete?
    • We have a dedicated set of individuals to help each student find their specific outcome. Please see our Outcomes page.
  • What if I’m under 18, or haven’t graduated HS yet?
    • There is no age limit on applying to Code Tahoe. We think the sooner you get involved in technology the brighter your future can be.
  • Well, what if I’m over 40?
    • Being inspired to make a change now is better than ever! You’ll be side by side with people of every age trying to make the world a more informed and technically savvy place.

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  • Does Code Tahoe host events? If so, do they have to be Code Tahoe related?
    • We love hosting events....and have the perfect office space to do it. Contact Elevate Blue for more details
  • If I’m taking a night course, can I work out of the space during the day?
    • Unfortunately, no. During the day our office is dedicated to full time staff and our startup companies.

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  • How do I secure my spot in a course?
    • Fill out the Sign Up Form, and we’ll contact you to help get the process started
  • How do I pay?
    • We have a variety of ways to pay, as well as financing options. Please contact CodeTahoe or Elevate Blue for more details.
  • What if I miss a class?
    • Life happens, although a lot of ground is covered in each class and it will be difficult to keep up with the rest of the group with absences. If a class is missed due to unforseen circumstances we will work with you and do everything we can to get you back on schedule -- your success is our #1 priority.

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To be contacted about attending one of our courses, please fill out the information request form, and you’ll receive an email or phone call to start the conversation.

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Financing & Payment Options

You can apply for a loan through PayPal, did you know that?