Our objective is your outcome! Our outcomes team is going to help you along your path of success: an interview with a local company, joining a start-up in a major metro city like San Fransisco or Los Angeles, a fortune 500 Company that has a global presence, or you could just be looking to bring your own idea to life ( The entrepreneurial spirit is especially near and dear to our hearts, and Elevate Blue would love to help! )

Each one of our students has access to our expert staff that represent more than 60 combined years in the software industry as well as many successful startup exits. We are dedicated to your success and together we will explore the following:

  • Resume creation, and how to create a brand for yourself
  • How to manage a social media presence
  • LinkedIn profile overview, and what it takes to get noticed
  • Joining the community you want to be a part of in the future...now
  • And many more…